Lisa Birnbach

A Purposeful Peloton

When I was watching the women’s road race event, I had no idea at first what Peloton meant.  The way I interpreted what I saw on screen, Peloton was — don’t laugh — the name of a Russian cyclist.  Think about it; Peloton sounds Russian.  Pelotonoff.  Peletonov.

Peletonovska.  Anyway, I learned as you did that peleton refers to the group behind the leaders in a bike race.  I’m not sure if you can have a peleton in a marathon or other sorts of races, but I’m doing my best to use it in a kind of “off-label” way.  I am not expecting FDA approval (nor OED approval), but it’s more fun than joining the chorus of complainers about the Olympics.

I realize the objections are really about the way NBC and its many offshoots are deploying delay tactics but rather than complain about all the complaining, indeed, rather than join the peloton of gripers, I’d like to say my Science Experiments and I are enjoying what we’ve seen of the 2012 Olympics, and we’ve laughed at the sarcastic tweets written at NBC’s expense.

NBC can take it like a grown up.  

This evening at 5:45, I’m sipping a rare DecafO’Clock mug of fake coffee.  The rosé can wait.

It’s horrendously hot out (sounds like a grievance to me) but in my hermetically-sealed writing room, I’ve had to turn off the air conditioning and appreciate the fact that it works, and sometimes, even I do.



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