Lisa Birnbach

dailyprepster asked: Hi Miss Lisa! My question is this: most of my friends think I dress nerdy but what I'm trying to do is be preppy. Is there differences between the two styles and what should I do to make my look more preppy? Thank you and have a great day! :)

Dear Rock and Roller,

Of course, I don’t know how you dress, or as the great Ryan Seacrest would put it (a joke), “What you rock,” so it’s hard for me to give you personal advice.  Lately the fine line between preppy and nerdy has become a dotted fine line.  For example, take classic tortoise-shell framed eyeglasses.  They were always “ours,” and now hipster/nerds think they own them.  Silly, foolish hipster/nerds!

 One difference between them and preppies is that preppies — while often sloppy, are very strong in the personal hygiene department.  Also, while we now wear clothes that have discreet amounts of synthetic stretch in them, we don’t wear anything near our skin that is 100% fake.  That includes tans.

I’m glad you wrote.  I think this was an important distinction to make.



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