Lisa Birnbach

WEEK 2 Your Favorite Word of the Week

The feedback on Word of the Week was pretty, pretty decent. Some of you (no names please; you know who you are) thought when I offered four perfectly adequate words for which to vote took that to mean you could vote for write-ins.  

(What rhymes with “Tonya?”)

And you thought the Electoral College was messy.

The next week’s words were suggested by Twitter friends, @ArielLeve, @RafayAgha, @TitanicDaze, and @BostonMo.  They are the horrid hybrid words.  Still, one must rise to the top of the slag heap.





Vote Now!  Vote Often!  Results next week!

xxxLisa, or as the hilarious Mo Gaffney now calls me, “Dumpling.”  (Think of the alternatives. Yikes.)