Lisa Birnbach

mademoiselleburberry asked: Dear Ms. Birnbach, I'm entering college next fall and haven't quite figured out exactly what I would like to major in but am thinking of Communications (and then pursuing retail management). However, I also have a passion for horses (and animals in general) and am interested in (large animal) Veterinary Medicine. Out of curiosity, are either of those majors preppy? Or do you have any input? Sincerely, Anastasia.

Hi Anastasia,

Almost any major is preppy with the right attitude.  It’s nice to hear from a girl who still loves her horses.  You could study to be a large animal vet which would be very very prep — but distinctly unglamorous.   Communications is not as preppy as English or Art History, because it’s more modern and sounds like it leads to a job.  Yikes.

Good luck.


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