Lisa Birnbach

passmethewings asked: Okay. I'm a born again Prep, and slowly building up a new wardrobe as I generally settle into Prepdom. However, all I've been purchasing are chinos, polos, shirts. I am moving to England in a few months so I've stopped myself from purchasing too much summer clothes (plus its cheaper over there). What do you think is the next staple purchase for a preppy wardrobe?

Spencer, Spencer —

Nothing is cheaper in England these days, I don’t think — unless you are a British subject and want healthcare.  Otherwise, buying on sale is the way to go — here or there.  (Sales are going on now!)  I’d buy a piece of Barbour outerwear if I were you… believe they are available at outlets on both sides of the pond.  Also, beautifully tailored cotton shirts, shetland or merino wool sweaters, and tweeds.  I recommend vintage shops in US and even some “charity shops” in U.K.  You don’t need a ton — everything gets broken in when you wear them frequently.


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