Lisa Birnbach

this-guyright-here asked: I would have written a long(er)-winded letter containing shameless name-dropping and professions of fandom. But, alas, Tumblr has a restrictive character limitation. I suppose it's better that you not catch my unabashed praise, as it would surely categorize me as "another trite fan" and quite probably bore you. Therefore, I'm going to embrace brevity (something I should have done several characters ago). My question to you is this: Does practicality have some place in the Preppy vernacular?

Dear Guy — yes, you.

I’m sorry I didn’t see this note until today — December 31st, but preppies do run on the late side.  

Practicality finds its place in the prep home thanks to mummy or grandmother.  She (or she) could be the one to remember to have a designated driver, or that it might be smarter to delay the voyage until after the thunderstorm passes, or that you already have a green fleece vest.  Eventually — scarily — the wildest party girl can turn into the Voice of Authority.  

Happy New Year.