Lisa Birnbach

New Words of the Week & A THOUGHT

Not to get too personal, but for the first time, both my daughters are going away on their own Spring Break trips without me!  Exhibit C left for the West Coast on her Glee Club Spring Tour, and Exhibit B is going on a classic senior year vacation to the Carribbean — with friends and no adults.  So, I’m thinking about holidays, and my four words this week are a reflection thereof.


Vote as often as you like.

My thought:  (It’s actually not mine, but belongs to my goddaughter, Emma.)  Emma just had a little trouble convincing the clerk at her local AT&T store that she wanted to exchange her  iPhone to a thingy that was just …. a phone.  She no longer wanted to to be emailed or tempted to email or read her Facebook or whatever when she’s out of the house.  The clerk kept using the word downgrade.  Emma says her life has only improved since she downgraded her thingy.  She is much more in control of her time, and how she uses it.  I’m considering doing the same.  It sounds like an intriguing experiment, in any case.

Your thoughts on this, dear friends?

I will enjoy the quiet while my wholly-owned subsidiaries are away, though I miss them like crazy.


-jadis asked: Dear Ms. Birnbach, I am currently writing a study proposal on the subject of Preppy style, namely "if the style of the American Preppy was influenced by the British Sloane Ranger or vice versa". Do you have background knowledge on this? Would you say this is a question to be investigated in or is it rubbish? Any comments and links would be gladly accepted. Thank you, Maike

Hi Malke,

I think this is a valid topic for a paper.  The American Preppy predated the Sloane Ranger, but American style originated in England (in the 17th century).  We cover some of this in True Prep, and I’m thinking of writing about preppy from a global perspective again.